So, you wanna be a copywriter?

Where on earth can I find straightforward, decisive info on how to become a freelance copywriter?  I've searched the web high and low, and have found some amazing insights.  But they all leave me with a lack of strong direction, and I still feel like I'm free-floating.  It's like being a deer in the headlights thinking, "Uh-oh! Now what?!"  There isn't a set, solitary path to copywriting success: No college programs or degrees, no specified training curriculum, and copywriting courses by seasoned copywriters are a dime a dozen - and questionably credible.  I'm learning quickly that in this field, the word "freelance" overwhelmingly means, "You're on your own, kid!"  Right.  So...  I've got all this great information, but, how do I apply it, and, where do I go from ground zero?

Like many prospective freelance copywriters, I don't have any experience in the field.  I also lack a degree in advertising or marketing, a stocked portfolio, and the skill set necessary to write killer copy that sells!  Regardless of my deficiencies, I'm determined to succeed!  The advertising/marketing degree is the one thing I'm going to press forward without - Copywriting isn't a degree option, and those related programs don't make it a focal point.  On that note, more than anything, I need to learn the craft of copy: the art of persuasive writing.  Only upon acquiring the necessary skills can I begin to build an impressive portfolio of examples for prospective clients.  And that alone is a challenge: How will I land my first clients without a portfolio?

I need this career.  I'm a talented, inquisitive writer with a college education, two successful blogs under my belt, and a novel on the way.  As a writer, my greatest hope is finding a steady gig that I can earn more than peanuts for, and fulfill from the comfort of my own home.  I hope you'll join me on my journey to becoming a successful freelance copywriter from the ground up!  There's a lot of literature on the success stories of various copywriters, but none seem to divulge their first few baby steps - and the struggles of their start-up.  I don't need to be a master - a legend - in the copywriting world.  I just want to be successful.  I want to learn the craft to the best of my abilities so that I can grow my business and earn a more-than-comfortable living.

Join me for the good, the bad, the ups, the downs, the successes, and the mistakes, in my path to becoming a successful freelance copywriter - from the beginning of my training through the development of my freelance business.  You won't find this level of honesty or infancy on any other copywriter's site!  I'm going to tell it like it is and serve it to you straight-up.

Whether you're experienced or are in the same boat as me, I look forward to reading your encouragement, tips & advice, criticism, comments, and personal experiences.  Check back soon for my second installment - my first step!